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How does Hirkan transform you?

Hirkan is beside you all the way from strategy design to executing marketing programs. Providing an integrated platform, we help you extend your customer base, expand your current customers' baskets, and re-enter your previous customers to the sales cycle.

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What We Do


Sales process automation, integration between sales and marketing and optimization based on data analytics and providing the latest sale methodologies according to the state of the art

Marketing & Campaign Management

Design and execution of targetted and personalized marketing campaigns based on data and the STP method, budget management and scheduling campaigns in a fully targetted fashion

360° CRM

Connecting to all the company's systems (such as cashier, website, etc.) and creating an integrated and 360° relationship with the customers through all the channels (text, Email, call center, etc.)

Customer Support and Services

A solution for call center, ticketing, survey and customer services workflow management based on customers' online demographic and behavioral profiles

Customer Club and Lottery

Executing various customer club programs based on point systems, cash-back, and tiered systems and running transparent lotteries with a novel method

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Analyzing customers' behavior prior, during, and after shopping to increase revenue, profit and brand equity along with short-term and long-term corporate goals

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